Seminar: Gender Equality in Research and Innovation





Title: Gender Equality in Research and Innovation

   Speaker: Dr Charoula Tzanakou,

   Senior Lecturer of Human Resource Management and Co-Director of Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice,

Oxford Brookes Business School

 Date: Wednesday, 5th of October 2022

Time: 3:00 pm

Duration: 2,5 hr


 Purpose: This seminar aims to raise awareness of the current situation of gender equality in Greece and Europe and provide insights into the significance of gender equality, the key concepts and how integrating the gender dimension in research can maximise excellence, creativity, economic opportunities and societal relevance. The seminar will give answers to all questions on gender norms and stereotypes, increase understanding of genders’ needs, behaviours and attitudes and connect you with tools to embed gender equality in your current and future research.


What is Sex/gender   (15 min)
  • What is sex, what is gender?
  • Gender identities, norms and relations
  • Q&A


 (10 min)


Understanding current situation of gender equality in Europe and Greece (vertical and horizontal segregation, sex/gender in research)

(30 min)
Q&A (Interactive exercise) (15 min)
Break      (10 min)

3.1 Why it matters?

  • The right thing to do (fairness)
(50 min)

 3.2 Gender blind and gender biased research: Gender dimension in research                                                        

  • What is gender in relation to research?
  • And how to include a gender dimension in research?
  • What tools are available?
  • Q&A (Interactive exercise) 


(30 min)