GEC - Responsibilities

The University of Crete Gender Equality Committee (GEC) was established by the University Senate in 2020 (434/18.06.2020), according to Greek law (4589/2019).

The GEC is an advisory body to the UoC Senate and to the Schools and Departments authorities for the promotion of equality and inclusiveness in all aspects of the academic life

The GEC has the following responsibilities:

  • To prepare action plans that promote and ensure gender equality in educational, research and administrative processes of the University and submit annual reports to the Senate,
  • To propose to the University Authorities and Committees measures that promote equality and combat sexism,
  • To provide information and training to members of the academic community on issues related to gender and equality,
  • To provide mediation services in case of complaints on discrimination or harassment,
  • To promote study programmes and conduct seminars and lectures focusing on gender issues,
  • To promote research on gender issues,
  • To provide support to victims of discrimination.