Gender Equity Research

Center of Gender Studies, Gender Lab

Director: Vasiliki Petousi, Associate Professor, Dept. of Sociology, University of Crete


The multidisciplinary Center for the Study of Gender (Gender Lab) at the University of Crete offers a creative research environment promoting open and interdisciplinary collaboration and research focusing on gender and equality. Founded in 2004 (EC Structural funds) originally involved three Departments: Sociology, History and Archaeology and Philosophy and Social Sciences. In 2009, the Gender Lab acquired independent legal status operating in coordination with the Department of Sociology and the active participation of the other two departments. It is located at the UCRC of University of Crete, Gallos campus, house of its archival material and home of its academic and research activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, lectures by visiting Greek and international scholars).

The Gender Lab conducts, supports, and hosts research and research-related activities focusing on gender and equality. It has secured cooperation with other similar Research Centers and Organizations and is always open to collaborations with scholars aiming at studying, understanding, and overcoming gender and social discrimination. The Gender Lab promotes initiatives, which increase gender awareness within the academic environment as well as the general public. Working towards this goal, the Gender Lab organizes dissemination, extension and liaison activities with stakeholders and the general public. Currently, the Gender Lab is partner in the Programmatic Agreement with the Region of Crete for the implementation of the Regional Strategic Plan for Gender Equality in the island of Crete and a research project investigating and documenting (among others) the lives and contributions of women in the pastoral culture of the Psiloritis Geopark. Other research projects focus on economics, politics, health, history, migration and gender violence.

The Gender Lab holds teaching and lecturing equipment and material as well as an extended collection of catalogued material which is available to students, research scholars and all those interested in Gender and Equality issues.