Mission and Goals

The Gender Equality Committee (GEC) of the University of Crete (UoC) was established with the main aim of developing, in collaboration with the academic and administrative bodies of the institution, policies and strategies to promote gender equality at all levels of the organization and in all processes/procedures and aspects of academic life. More specifically, the objectives of the GEC cited in details in its Rules of Procedure, based on the Act 4589/2019, article 33 (Government Gazette 13 / v.A '/ 29-1-2019), are the following:

  • to cultivate and strengthen the culture of equal participation regardless of gender in research, education and academic life at the University.
  • to propose measures to ensure equality in educational, research and administrative processes and to monitor the course and results of the implementation of the measures taken.
  • to contribute to the prevention and effective treatment of discrimination based on gender, nationality, social origin, economic status, religion, health /disability or sexual orientation, as well as sexism, sexual harassment and all forms of harassment.
  • to promote teaching and research in the fields of its responsibility, to cooperate closely with the University authorities, academic departments and services, as well as with public agencies and services and local regional authorities with  common interests, in order to provide  further substantial  services to the University and  the local community.