Non Sexist Language


One of the goals of the Committee for Gender Equality is the elimination of both written and oral linguistic sexism within the UoC academic community, as a way to ensure equal treatment across genders and a sense of genuine equality. To achieve this goal:

  • the Committee is compiling a short and practical Guide for the Use of Non-sexist Language, utilizing relevant studies and published guides for the use of non-sexist language, intended for use by the members of UoC (administrators, students, teachers, researchers, faculty members). Its purpose is to detect linguistic sexism in the predominant use of the masculine grammatical gender and the gradual acquaintance with the use of both grammatical genders, in combination with the use of gender-neutral terms. The Guide will be ready shortly.
  • A Glossary of Terms for Equality is being developed as an easy-to-use and concise tool, aimed at a fuller and deeper understanding of the terms related to gender and equality, their multiple meanings, and their conscious use in spoken and written language.